AP4C-V detector is used to detect chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.

It is used in more than 40 countries by various organisations: Armed Forces, Civil Defense, Police Forces, Customs, First responders, etc.

AP4C-V is a Chemical Agent Detector used in fixed positions (shelters, storage areas) or mobile (reconnaissance vehicles, light vehicles…).
AP4C-V’s detectors are able to detect all vomiting agents, all blood agents, all nerve agents and all blister agents, the same agents which are detected by AP4C

AP4C-V has been designed for an easy installation outside a vehicle(Contamination and detection remaining outside the vehicle), for a real time monitoring of toxic gas concentration and alarm to the user.
Alarms and measurement are fully automatic and require no action from the vehicle crew at any moment
AP4C-V can easily be connected to the central control system of a vehicle and be adapted to any customer software.

AP4C-V is particularly suitable for use on a reconnaissance vehicle:

Fast remote initialization
Immediate identification and measurement
Data transmission by remote control
Unaffected by wind direction and speed, up to 65 mp/h (110 km/h)
Dynamic dust filtration system
Fast response and return-to-zero time


List of Chemicals Detected

Tabun GA Arsine SA
Sarin GB Diphenylchloroarsine DA
soman GD Adamsite DM
Cycle-sarin GF Deiphenylcyanoarsine DC
Distilled mustard HD Bromobenzylcyanide CA
Nitrogen mustard HN-1 CS
Nitrogen mustard HN-2 CR
Nitrogen mustard HN-3 Chloropicrin PS
Phosgene CX Runcol
Lewisite L Precursor of OPA
Mustard lewisite mixture HL Precursor of DF
Phenyldichloarsine PD EDMP
Ethyldichloarsine ED Lewisite
Methyldichloarsine MD Mustard gas
Hydrogen cyanide AC Lewisite mixture
Cyanogen chloride CK