The same precise and proven technology developed by Gammasonics in Australia to identify human tissue contaminated by radio nuclide, is now being applied to the new design and ARDMS approach to protect the world from illegal, unauthorized or criminal use of radiactive material.
The Gammasonics Automatic Radioactive Detection and Measurement System (ARDMS) detects the presence of radioactive material in a vehicle moving past detector assemblies.
There is no need to stop the vehicle to check for radioactive sources. The detector assemblies are mounted vertically in a tower structure on both sides of the roadway.

This provides full vertical coverage of the vehicle. Each detector is monitored separately, so that even if only one detector senses radiation it will compare this measurement to its own background level.
When a vehicle with a radioactive source passes between the detectors, the system sounds an alarm and prints a report. The operator can then stop the vehicle and reject it or search for the source.

• Military
• Mining
• Smelting / Scrap Recycling
• Points of International Entry / Departure
• Homeland Security
• Freight Terminal


• Video Camera - is activated by the movement of the vehicle and recorded into a hard disk
• Speed Alarm - is activated when the vehicle has exceeded the maximum speed . Flashes on/off intervals until the operators manually cancel the action
• A Red & Yellow light plus a horn sounds when Activated
• Dedicated Computer, Touch Screen and Software
• Solar Panels (Optional)
• Transport Case - the ARDMS is supplied in a rugged Australian made equipment boxes moulded from UV Stabilized Polyethylene Plastic to MIL-Spec. **
• Control Panel which monitors power, humidity, alignment of the sensors and temperature in each tower.

A mobile version of Gammasonics ARDMS is available to reach remote areas or places of temporary entrance of cargo. Can be easily and quickly assembled for maximum security.

Solar Power
An option is a System fully powered by Solar Power. Solar panels and batteries are placed in the towers providing mobility and autonomy to the ARDMS.

ARDMS Software
The operation of the Gammasonics ARDMS is simple and requires minimal operator intervention. The entire system is under the control of a powerful PC and software package, which monitors the output of the remote detector assemblies.
The user can view and control the application with the ease of a 17-inch touch screen monitor.
The software was specifically designed to make it easy to see what is going on in each tower as well as include other relevant information such as speed of truck, time, temperatures in tower 1 and 2, scan time and truck length.
The user can also see the status of the system and can view scan progress as well as any alarms are triggered.


Video Monitoring
The Gammasonics ARDMS also incorporates a video monitoring system that is motion sensitive and will record each truck as it enter the yard. The user can use the video software installed on the PC to view recorded video if something suspicious occurs or for vehicle identification after an event has occurred. The recorder includes a 120GB hard disk drive that is separate to the PC for maximum storage capacity.

Control Panel
The Gammasonics ARDMS counts with a Control Panel embeded to one of the towers that permits full monitoring over the conditions of each tower such as power, humidity and alignment of the sensors and temperature.