Wireless Radiation Detector AustralRad Mini 8-in-1

1. Radiation Area Monitor
2. Radiation Survey Meter
3. Radiation Contamination Meter
4. Telescopic Probe
5. Digital Scaler-Rate
6. Ultra-Sonic Distance Measurement
7. Personal Dosimetry Detector
8. GAS Detector

Applications Include:

Industrial Gauging
Borehole Logging and Radiography
Health Physics
Nuclear Medicine
Material transport and storage
Nuclear Research Centers
Nuclear Power Industry

The Software

The AustralRad Mini 8-in-1™ Software package is designed to provide a graphical interface to view and store the data of the AustralRad Mini. It allows for real-time measurements to be displayed as well as stored results for later scientific analysis. The Austral-Rad Mini settings such as alarm threshold and radiation units can also be controlled by the user through the PC.

Manufacture / Assembly / Quality Assurance
All processes and procedures are fully documented and the following ISO-9000 Series accreditations in place:
• ISO-9002 accreditation for the manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards and Electronic Assemblies (standards Australia reference QEC3625)
• ISO-9001 accreditation for the design and manufacture (Standards Australia reference QEC200/02)

Printed Circuit Boards can be supplied to the following Military Standards where required:
• MIL-P-55110 D/E PCB standard
• MIL-P-13949 base material inspection standard
• MIL-STD-105 sample test specification

These certifications play a key part in assuring product traceability, process uniformity, and conformity to end user specification.

• LCD display with backlight
• Soft membrane keyboard
• High impact plastic case
• Light-weight and splash proof case
• Built in check source
• Redout of dose rate and accumulate dose
• Units of mR, mR/hr, ?Sv, ?Sv/hr, CPS and CPM
• Programmable alarm tresholds
• Battery Charge Meter
• Automatic self diagnostic routines
• Durable case with splash resistant keypad
• Over Range message for GM-Tube saturation


• Toxic gas sensor for Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide and Chlorine. Sensors for other lethal gases available on request.
• Activation of digital video, photographic camera for recording.
• Wireless transmission of real-time and stored readings of radiation and gases plus video and images
• PRDWD (Passive Radiation Detection Warning Device) mounted above door frame or next to main unit acting as an external detector. By removal of the instrument from the wall-mounted cradle, internal detector will take over for detection.

AustralRad Mini Software
• Real-time Measurement
• Results directly to a PC
• Graphical Visualisation
• Data storage/management

A multi-purpose area monitor/alarm, survey meter and contamination meter for use with external detectors such as pancake probes, GM, scintillators and solid state detectors. Distinctive features include CMOS processor technology, auto range, light weight, ergonomic and rugged plastic casing enabling easy portability, built in check source for self diagnostics ana wall mount rechargeable cradle and PC communicator. Unauthorised usage is prevented through password key entry.

Radiation Area Monitor/Alarm & Personal Dosimeter

The base unit of the AustralRad Mini 8-in-1™ can either be wall mounte or used as a personal dosimetry system, small enough to fit in your pocket. While mounted the Mini is placed in a cradle where it is charged and communicates to a PC via Wireless ZigBee.

Survey Meter/Transportation

The AustralRad Mini along with the optional attachment, External End-Window Detector is targeted towards the detection of radioactive materials within frieght/containers. However with this external detector applications are only limited by your imagination.

Radiation Contamination Meter

Utilising Gammasonics ‘Pancake Probe Detector’ the AustralRad Mini 8-in-1™ is ideal for monitoring large area spills.