Early Radiation Detection and Warning System
The Design and integration on AustralRad with the Weather Station is unique in his configuration.
Gammasonics Institute for Medical Research is specialised in development and design of technology in Medical Area at the highest level possible.
Have achieved to extrapolate technology from medical areas to protection of the environment.

Applications for the AustralRad Weather includes:

  • Tunnels
  • Highways
  • Remote areas
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Industry
  • Airports
  • Control Towers
  • Mining

Weather Station

The Weather Centre is comparable to professional weather centers. The unit include all sensors necessary to monitor your inside and outside environment. It counts on a PC interface to record and display all weather data collected.
Is possible to generate detailed graphical reports, publish your current conditions to a website and e-mail the data.

  • Time, date, seconds, time zone, weather forecasting icons with tendency arrows, air pressure, and respective alarm sections
  • Inside / outside temperature and relative humidity, wind chill, dew point, rainfall, and respective alarm sections
  • Wind direction, wind speed, and respective alarm sections

AustralRad Mini 3 In 1
The design of the AustralRad Mini 3 in 1 reflects one of many latest technologies that we have introduced.
A multi-purpose area monitor/alarm, survey meter and contamination meter for use with external detectors such as pancake probes, GM, scintillators and solid state detectors.
Distinctive features include CMOS processor technology, auto range, light weight rugged plastic casing enabling easy portability, built in check source for self diagnostics and a wall-mount rechargeable cradle and PC communicator.
Unauthorised usage is prevented through password key entry.
These are only some of the advantages of the AustralRad Mini 3 in 1.
Our committment to superior quality design and engineering is clearly demonstrated in the AustralRad Mini 3 in 1.
The electronics is the latest state-of-the art available in this type of instrumentation.
To acheive a first-class product, we also source the best suppliers within Australia and overseas to compliment our operations.
For our metal fabrications and lead products designed by Gammasonics, we share this with our associates Nuclear Fields, recognised globally as the leader in the manufacture of collimators for the nuclear medicine industry.


The AustralRad Software
• Real-time Measurement
• Results directly to a PC
• Graphical Visualisation
• Data storage/management
The complete system is supported by a powerful, easy-to-use software. Incorporating the latest innovations of a PC, permitting the activation and control of low and high alarm, stroboscope warning light, activation of air blower, control valves, sprinkler systems, etc.

Also the unit can be customised to suit your applications.
The AustralRad Mini Software package is designed to provide a graphical interface to view and store the data.
Allows real-time measurements to be displayed as well as savings results to be viewed at a later stage.
The AustralRad Mini settings such as alarm threshold and radiation units are also controlled by the user through the PC.

The Weather Station Software

The Weather Station Software can access the latest weather information from the PC, receiving up to 175 sets of weather data recorded by the base station. This information can then be used to generate useful statistics and charts on Excel spreadsheets. Unlimited data sets can be transferred to PC memory for indefinite history records.
A fully functional PC counting with a touchscreen monitor is integrated to the system to provide easy and simple operation.