Code functions

  • 4 hierarchy levels: 1 master, 4 managers, 36 operators, 1 courier
  • Code 45 and 46 can be selected for control of interior compartments
  • Code 47 can be selected as a time code
  • Code 48/49 can be selected for lock disabling/enabling
  • One shot codes for Group 4 can be selected
  • Dual identification for opening can be selected: from the same, different, or any group
  • Dual identification for programming can be selected
  • Individual code or code group disabling
  • Duress code can be selected, +/- 0..9
  • Penalty after four incorrect entries


  • Master and manager lock opening can be selected 
  • Time lock override for master can be selected
  • Access of the managers and operators to immediate time lock can be selected
  • Access of the managers to users of all groups can be selected
  • Time delay override for couriers can be selected

Time functions

  • Switching between daylight savings time and standard time
  • 35-weekly locking periods
  • 22 holiday and annual locking periods
  • Immediate time lock [hh:mm]
  • 8 time lock interruption periods
  • Display of next opening time can be selected
  • Remote lock access blocking
  • Non-return time delay

Opening delay

  • For each code group, the normal and duress delay can be selected
  • Time-dependent time delay\
  • Time-dependent dual mode
  • Time-dependent code disabling
  • Input to bypass the time delay 
  • Counting direction: up, down, off 


  • EN 1300 B, ECB•S, VdS class 2, CNPP a2p level B, UL type 1