Gammasonics AustralRad Becquerel Monitor has been specifically designed and calibrated for the monitoring of food and biological products with low radioactivity.

We have utilised the Marinelli Beaker principal to load samples into the shielded chamber. The principle of Marinelli Beakers dates back to the 1950’s, developed to detect radiation products in blood and urine of personnel working in research Laboratories or nuclear processing plants. Today the Marinelli principle is widely used in many applications across the world in a vast spectrum of industries.

The Marinelli container used in our AustralRad Becquerel Monitor has been specifically designed for the measurement of food and biological products. Other sampling that can be performed include minerals, water quality and as soon as a homogenic mix has been prepared and deposited in the Beaker the applications are only limited by the user.
The basic unit includes a BGO detector with a sensitivity over NaI at 500 volts > 3.5 for the detection of gammas. The superior aesthetic design compliment the modern and powerful laptop included. The software and electronics incorporated enhances the system giving the professional touch, ideal for laboratory use.

Optional Enhancement:

"Alpha Detector"

Gammasonics have enhanced the Becquerel Monitor by adding an airborn Alpha Particle Measurement divisor as an extra attachment. Utilising an air evacuation principal and an Alpha Charge Filter. Quick and short measurements can perform a measurement of very short wave alpha particles such as Polonium-210 (Po-210)

The Software:

The laptop and software program provided will assist you in selecting an appropriate time to perform measurements. The response of the electronics and detector is dynamic, with analysis times now far superior when compared to earlier models available for research from other organisations.