Coriolis RECON is a ruggedized bio-aerosol sampler, dedicated to CBRN Recon teams or first responders, with quick deployment in case of bio-threat suspicion. Coriolis ® RECON is efficient, portable and has been ruggedized for unfamiliar environment.

Coriolis RECON offers flexibility with a choice of 2 operating modes:

  • Autonomous sampling: triggered by the operator wearing IPE; it can be used by Recon teams or first responders or for mobile applications to rapidly obtain a sample and identify the biological threat.
  • Biological sentry mode: for a long time surveillance of critical areas, Coriolis ® RECON can be set up in a standby mode, waiting for an order of a warning system

Also discover the option designed for 2 hours sampling process : easyly adapted on the Coriolis ® Recon, this option is ideal for the monitoring of a special area for a long period.
An injection pump allows to compensate the evaporation of the liquid and thus the volume of liquid inside the cone is always optimal for an efficient sampling.


      Surveillance of critical areas


Wet Cyclone

Collected particle size

      > 0.5 μm

Air flow rate

      600 L/min

Collection Time

      5, 10, 15 min - 2 hours with option


      Yes – IP54

Dimensions(L x I x h)

    365 x 220 x 306 mm (without


      10 kg (20 kg with case)


      1h (collection time)

Main supply


Operating temperature

    +5°C to +49°C (+41°F to +120°F)
0°C to +50°C with the “winter
pack” option