FRISKY is a simple tool for detection of metal and radiation leakage and contamination with a simple YES or NO.
Fast, Simple and Secure.

Ideal for Airport terminals, border entries, exits and checkpoint places where agility and security on people checking is needed.

FRISKY gives the first indication of radiation, and for greater radiation information the AustralRad Mini 3 in 1 is the appropriated tool.


Completely New on the Market.
FRISKY is an ideal Metal and Radiation Search Scanner Device enabling the quick identification and location of radionuclide isotopes, such as Iodine seeds, in the Nuclear Medicine environment.
Gammasonics philosophy is Prevention and Protection rather than Response, which has prompted the development of technology applicable to national security.
FRISKY generates audible and visual warnings indicating the presence of radionuclides. The higher the level of radiation detected, the more frequent the audible sound and the indicating light.

For the security industry:

FRISKY detects and indicates the presence of ionising radiation products of the man-made type known as radioisotopes or radionuclides including X-rays (ionising radiation).

Calibrated at Gammasonics medical calibration facility.


  • Nuclear Medicine laboratories
  • Airport departures and arrivals checkpoints
  • Nuclear power plants and research reactors
  • Embassies and consulates
  • Border entry and exits
  • Public places entry checkpoints