The Interactive CLIQ system is available at selected authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers, and represents the new generation of locking solutions.
Mul-T-Lock’s Interactive® CLIQ® presents a hybrid mechanical locking solution, which offers the  reliability of high quality mechanical keys and cylinders and the programming sophistication and flexibility inherent in electronic locks.

Mul-T-Lock has integrated ASSA ABLOY’s innovative and proprietary CLIQ technology, which is based on highly miniaturized data encryption electronics that can be embedded directly inside the key and core of a cylinder, into its already patented Interactive system. Mul-T-Lock has two electro-mechanical solutions so that you can choose one that’s right for you.

This combination of technologies allows system features which are of special interest to organizations seeking High Security and audit capabilities:

Data tracking – A special control key enables easy access to precise Audit Trail data from every cylinder in a facility, and that data can be uploaded swiftly onto a PC for review.

Individual keys – Encrypted with highly tamper-proof codes, each key is designated for use by one individual. If the key is lost, it is simply rendered obsolete, and a new key, with a new code is generated in its place.

Time-based permission – Interactive CLIQ enables the designation of specific windows of time wherein access to a given cylinder by a given user is permitted.

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