Keying Possibilities

Mul-T-Lock offers its costumers a variety of convenient and secure keying solutions to meet their specific needs:

Keyed different:
Mul-T-Lock’s traditional High Security equips each cylinder with its own combination – to be opened by keys that were either supplied with it or duplicated under Mul-T-Lock’s strict key control system.

Keyed alike:
For outstanding customer convenience, Mul-T-Lock has developed the One-Key-Fits-All option, enabling users to open many locks - for example: home, office, garage & file cabinet - with a single key.

Master keying:
Large organizations enjoy Mul-T-Lock’s advanced and friendly master key systems, that are easy to manage even when the requirements are vast and complex.

Special Cylinder Features

3 IN 1 cylinder
The ‘3 IN 1’ cylinder has been designed by Mul‑T‑Lock to allow users to easily change their key combinations through a simple
and speedy process:

The user inserts and operates the next key in a sequence of three keys, and the introduction of each new key invalidates the
previous key combination.

When all three combinations have been used, the cylinder may be re-keyed by an authorised Mul‑T‑Lock locksmith.
The ‘3 IN 1’ cylinder may be ordered with three separate duplicating cards for the green, yellow and red keys.

TLO - Temporary Lock Out cylinder
Mul-T-Lock’s TLO (Temporary Lock-Out) cylinder offers effective and reliable entrance control, without resorting to complex software and expensive electronic systems. Fully mechanical, user-friendly and easy to install, the TLO is based on an innovative concept incorporating three keys: a blue key for ordinary use; a red lockout key, which, when turned in the cylinder, makes the door inaccessible to all blue keys; and a green reversal key, which reverses the red key effect, making the door accessible once more to regular blue keys.

Thus, access of persons who hold a regular key to the door may be prevented for as long as the person in charge wishes, without the troublesome procedures of replacing the cylinder or collecting all keys. Access may also be restored easily at any time, at the turn of a green key.

TLO is available in Mul-T-Lock’s telescopic pin platforms, Classic and Interactive®.

Some suggested applications:
• Making a shop inaccessible to employees over the weekend.
• Making a storeroom inaccessible to company employees when sensitive equipment is in storage.

Construction master cylinder
Mul-T-Lock has developed a new-concept High Security construction master cylinder, that provides construction contractors with maximum convenience, while ensuring peace of mind for new property owners.

Contractors using the new product enjoy control of all apartments on the construction site - or even on several sites - with one master key.

Each cylinder in the system also has an owner key, provided to the owner when he/she moves into the apartment.
At this time a technician turns a special change key in the cylinder, disabling the contractor’s master key. This procedure
is not reversible.

This creative new solution is fully contained in the cylinder itself and requires no supplementary devices.

Special Cylinder Applications

Reinforced cylinder
Enhanced resistance to breaking attempts.

Emergency cylinder
Operated with keys inserted and rotated on opposite sides, enabling both sides to be permanently operational.

Break Secure cylinder
Patented Euro profile cylinder, specially developed by Mul-T-Lock to meet a specific need: enhancing resistance to manipulation attacks. Unlike ordinary cylinders that tend to break in the middle when manipulated, allowing the door to be opened by attacker Break Secure snaps at the front.

This keeps the door locked and the burglars outside, and permits the owners to open the cylinder with their original Mul-T-Lock keys when they return.

Anti-ligature thumbturn with external override
Innovative thumb turn with emergency override mechanism, specially designed to address the risk of self-harm within psychiatric and probationary type accommodation facilities.

Allows occupant privacy, while enabling immediate access for medical or supervisory staff if necessary.
This combination of technologies allows system features which are of special interest to organizations seeking High Security and audit capabilities