The Paxos® system and Paxos® compact high security locks have been available on the market since 1988. They are widely used on vaults, safes, ATMs, security repositories and many high-end security premises. Over a course of millions of operating hours, Paxos® has proven technology and reliability time and time again. Paxos® advance is the logical enhancement of this reliable, tried-and- tested technology.

Paxos® advance is the new, fully- redundant motorized lock powered by battery, mains power or UPS. The use of the optional I/O box allows Paxos® advance to be connected to alarm systems, and access control systems effortlessly. 
The serial USB interface simplifies and accelerates the programming of the system. This saves installation time and cost.

From a simple single- lock system to fully- configured multiple- lock operation and connection to alarm and monitoring systems, the modular design makes it possible.

Input unit
The two tried-and- tested methods of Input, keyboard and dial knob, were adopted from the Paxos® compact . The electronic system has  been completely overhauled to allow the parallel use of several input units. The menu navigation is self-explanatory.

Redundant high-security lock
The size of the lock housing has been standardized. The attachment points were selected to make replacing both mechanical and Paxos® compact locks extremely easy. Despite its more compact design, the Paxos® advance lock is every bit as strong.

I/O box
This important system component forms the link between Paxos® advance and external systems. Configurable inputs and outputs, and an additional serial audit log interface, round off the variety of features provided by the I/O box.

Programming-/Audit-Software AS 354
The powerful programming and audit software AS 354 allows the complete Paxos® advance system to be configured automatically. Once it has been configured, all lock parameters can be set using the same software. The AS 354 makes an impression with its consistently logical and intuitive menu navigation. The audit software is integrated in this package.

Audit Software AS 356
The audit software provides detailed, chronological audit of the events performed at any time. It supports all the user options standard today, such as filtering for users and events, exporting the data in a variety of formats, and extensive analysis functions. This guarantees that no attempts to open or manipulate the system remain unnoticed.