In view of the current world political scenery, an increase in the number of terrorist groups and individuals planning to smuggle or utilise radiation products against the world population.

The PRDWD radiation detector can convert any existing metal detector walk through gate into a radiation detector.

The detector can be installed as a remote detector driven by the power of the main unit or can be installed by utilising an external 12 volt power supply. The detector can also be connected to a 12 volt DC battery.

The detector is capable of triggering a relay or a switching device, warning light or buzzer. All these operations can be triggered simultaneously or consecutively.

PRDWD can also operate in conjunction with biometrics access control.

The unit is simple to understand and install, with a warning light and an audible alarm which will take only minutes.

PRDWD does not detect non- ionsing radiation, for example, mobile telephones, microwaves, radars, etc.

PRDWD detects and indicates the presence of ionising radiation products of the man-made type known as radioisotopes or radionuclides including X-rays (ionising radiation).

The applications of PRDWD are many and are only restricted to the users applications in understanding this device properly.

PRDWD radiation detector requires no modification whatsoever to the existing metal detector walk through gates.

Calibrated at Gammasonics medical calibration facility.


  • Hospitals - nuclear medicine radiotherapy emergency departments
  • Emergency vehicles - ambulances, fire brigades and police vehicles
  • Waste fields
  • Cyclotron facilities
  • Nuclear research reactors
  • Nuclear power station for electricity
  • Marine ports
  • Nuclear submarines, navy ships
  • Residential
  • Airport departure and arrival gates
  • Luggage carousel gates
  • Shopping centeres
  • Schools and universities
  • Research laboratories
  • Customs facilities
  • Public and Government buildings
  • Embassies (consulate) and diplomatic residence